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It has been way to long…..

So my life crazy busy!  I have not found time to sit and write.  I am trying to keep my shit together, be a mom, exercise, eat healthy, keep the house clean….like a hamster on a wheel.  I hope you are all doing amazing!  I just celebrated my 37th bday.  I am glad to be another year older as it means I am not dead yet!  I survived a visit from my bio dad, eek that was annoying nerve wracking but it’s over.  I need to be doing like five things right now but I was like I must check in!!!  I am anxiously awaiting my new bday present, which is a new phone.  So hopefully I can blog more on it..since my kids have taken over my laptop.  I am still trying to not be a drunk asshole.  So that’s awesome…I really think about it every day and know I always have to remember it’s just two bottles away to being a wretched embarassing beast.  I have been trying to keep up with my gratitude group, I really like it.  It is so wonderful to bring gratefulness to heart daily.  Please drop me a line and let me know how my sober family is doing!!  Oh I hear the postman dropping a package off…whooooo hoooooo!!!!


Hello my pretties!!!

I am still here. Still trying to not be a drunk a$$hole.  Busy with work, school, mini vacays, mom stuff etc.  Trying to fit fitness into all off this.  Omg don’t get me started on this Oxy-Powder cleanse I have been doing for the last six days!!!!  I have to find time to fit “me time” in to my schedule.  Kindergarten has homework???  Wtf???  Anyhow just a quickie, hope to write soon when I get a moment to sit and think!!!  XOXOXOXO…..MOM-E.

Happy Tuesday!

Hey all!!  I just sitting at work thinking I need to shout out to my blogging family.  I have been swooped into a fitness challenge by my bff.  So I have videos coming and shakes, all this stuff I probably didn’t need.  I know it is actually simple to get fit, eat less than you burn a day and poof you loose weight.  But it is more fun with friends, just like it is easier to quit drinking with support, so here I am.  I also found these crazy Kangoo Jumps and am super excited to try them.  They are actually a super efficient way to exercise, and reduce stress and injury to the body by 80%.  So instead of spending money on booze I am spending it on health related stuff.  Not to shabby of a trade right? So wish me luck and not to break a leg lol!!!  Check this out looks sooooooooo fun!


We are here….after nine hours of travel yesterday!  Omg….my kids first long car trip, they were nuts by the end.  Then I get here and didn’t get the room I wanted.  I was soooooooo pissed.  I was coveting that room for months, because of the bathroom!  It has a glorious sink in tub with jets.  Now mind you I have tiny bathrooms at home, and my back and neck have been killing me.  So I built it all up in my head sinking into this amazing tub and relaxing…..then BAM!  Bubble pops as my mil tells me I have to take the other room cuz its closer to the kids room…and our room has a queen plus a twin so if one the kids want to sleep with us it’s better….blah blah blah.  Oh and their friends are coming and they get the room I wanted.  I’m like really?  WTF?  All the rooms are on the same floor…what the hell does it matter?  Plus the tv in the room we have is in a stupid spot.  I told her months ago I wanted the awesome room and why.  So being massively sunburned, pms-ing, tired from driving nine hours, and back aching…I threw the equivalent of a tantrum last night.  I went straight to my assigned bedroom to huffily put away our stuff as I muttered under my breath how stupid it was that I had to stay in this stupid room.  I wanted the walk in closet with the massive bathroom!  These in laws and their friends have loads of money, their houses are nice…they experience this allllllll the time!  Why the hell can’t I for once get one small luxury?  I was ready to get in the car in the morning and drive home.  My hubby couldn’t understand why I was so mad, boys could bath with a garden hose they don’t care about shit like that. UGH! 

Ok so I wake up this morning, still mad.  I post to my gratitude group while feeling quite ungratitudy.  Hubs leaves with his Dad to do some junking.  I seriously take like 2 hours to get ready. Mil asks me if I want to take the kids to the stables.  I say sure when I am done getting ready…which I leisurely do for another hour.  Sunriver, Oregon is a resort town.  There is a shuttle that takes you anywhere you want to go. It’s gorgeous here.  I mean I am staying two houses down from Mr. Nike. Yes, that’s right his name is Nike for real…and he owns the company.  The house I’m in is amazingly beautiful.  Yes all this and I am sulking like a spoiled brat.  So I try to change my attitude a bit, ok there is still a hot tub for my back.  Then my mil asks if I am ready to leave, I say yeah grudgingly.  She then hands me money for expenses and tells me to let her know if I need more, plus hands me a resort card that charges everything back to the house… food, excursions, shopping…whatever I want.  Then she tells me my spa appointment is booked for tomorrow.  Yep I now feel like asshole of the year.  Okie dokie…out of the poor me funk now in the I’m a jerk funk.  So what is the lesson?   Don’t be a brat when you aren’t paying for anything….be grateful you gotta go in the first place!  Am I super emotional because I stopped drinking and think I should get exactly what I want all the time?  I mean I almost cried last night.  Oh poor me…free vacation and I am stomping my feet like a child over a damn bathroom?  Wow…what an emotional roller coaster.  Jeez.  Sorry for the ranting, but I have to process all these crazy feelings. 

Day 8…

What a freaking lovely day today was.  I drove with a crabby hungover hubby for 3 hours round trip to run an errand.  I laughed and teased him that I felt great.  He has cut way back since I have stopped, but the night before he hung with the bff.  I told him to come to bed at 10:30 pm, he had to get up early since he need to run this said errand. He said I’m fine. I said ok, but you are gonna regret it.  Well I was right, of course.  He said I should have forced him…lol that never worked with me.  Anyhow…It’s soooooo nice that out of the last 55 days that I started this journey that 54 of my mornings were amazing feel good mornings.  Alas, I reset my counter due to the fact I felt like shit the morning after the 4th of July and Belle’s challenge invite. So no use in mourning that reset.  It really cemented my desire to be free of alcohol.  I needed that harsh reality that the true journey of my life has no space for booze. I found out today that hubs had talked to his Dad yesterday about his cutting back and my quitting all together.  There, I guess that takes the pressure out of the upcoming vacation with them.  I was worried about the temptations of vacation wolfie, but it sooooo makes it easier when people know you quit.  There is zero shame in putting that beast down.  Oh, but being a lush with your kids around the in-laws, well that mother of the year material….not!

So we drove home, went to an awesome lunch.  I had the most amazing raspberry chipotle chicken salad, no dressing needed.  Then came home did chores, played wii for hours with the kiddies.  All while poor hubs tried to nap off his hangover, but couldn’t cuz kids were so loud and happy playing with me.  Awwwww…not sorry for you:-)! Later we got some pizza and took kids and dog to park to play as the sun went down.  My muscles were sore from my new exercise kick, but I didn’t mind as I ran around playing hide and seek.  Had I still been drinking the voodoo vino, I would not have had this productive Saturday. I would have been on the couch sipping away tonight instead of going to the park enjoying my kids and the lovely summer evening. Ummm yeah…best decision ever made…quitting the hooch!

Well oh boy!

Ok awhile back I posted a couple picks of some swimsuits I ordered.  They were chinese sizing, lol, so I had to get an XL.  Jeez…anyhow I got them.  Mind you I have only exercised once, eeeeeek.  I wondered if I was going to have to grease myself up to fit into them.  I jumped around, yanked, pulled and got those bitches on, they are like an american medium.  Now I still have a ways to go in the being fit department, in fact after I post I am going to workout.  I am only posting the pics because a… it’s anonymous and b…I cropped out my head…heeehee.



Now I need a tan baaaaaaad….and could lose some pounds.  But I am freaking thrilled, working with what I got. Day 7…again….is a good day.  Gotta go….gotta get to sweating!

15 years ago today….

I got married.  We are still together, have been so for a total of 20 years.  Its been good, it’s been bad, it’s been ugly.  Here we are…still alive lol!  That is a freakin accomplishment!  Day 6 of Belle’s challenge.  No vino for me…just a 5 hour energy shot in my cherry limeade sparkling ice!  We are going on a nice vacation next week to Sunriver, Oregon, so we decided just to forgo all the hoopla and celebrate then.  I’m relieved a bit cuz, if we went out tonight I would have prolly wanted a nice expensive glass of vino.  Wanted is the key word, I wouldn’t have had it though…100 day challenge and all keeping me accountable.  I’m nervous next week will be hard.  I have to shrug it off and not think about it.  There will be lots of treats on my vacay to look forward too.  I have a spa day already booked, horseback riding, fishing, water park, and observatory visits.  It will be 10 days.  So I am excited to get away, my first sober vacay…..eek! Not today…not tomorrow…not next week.  Oh lord please help me!  Thank you all so much.  I read your blogs everyday.  I am struggling right along with you, and my heart goes out to each and everyone of you.  I will pray for you and myself that god forties us with strength and determination to keep on the right path everyday!