Hello my pretties!!!

I am still here. Still trying to not be a drunk a$$hole.  Busy with work, school, mini vacays, mom stuff etc.  Trying to fit fitness into all off this.  Omg don’t get me started on this Oxy-Powder cleanse I have been doing for the last six days!!!!  I have to find time to fit “me time” in to my schedule.  Kindergarten has homework???  Wtf???  Anyhow just a quickie, hope to write soon when I get a moment to sit and think!!!  XOXOXOXO…..MOM-E.


5 thoughts on “Hello my pretties!!!

    • Omg…It does what it says it does!! Cleans the pipes like majorly…I got mine on amazon after Alex Jones, a political radio show host raved about it. He normally does not talk about health products. So after some research on my part on OXY Powder’s website and then reading a bunch of reviews on amazon, much to mine and my coworker’s enjoyment (they were freaking entertaining) a bunch of us ordered the stuff. We are all blown away literally at this stuff!!!

    • Thank you!! Gosh I didn’t realize how entailed school work is in kindergarten…Its not like TK. During summer it was easy for me to post. I try to be very present for my children and spend time lots of time with my family. OMG oxy-powder is crazy!!!

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