Things I Know….

I know that in order to achieve all the thing I want out of life, that it will take hard work. 1) Quitting booze…yeah we all know how hard that is.  2) Being a fabulous mother with tons of patience and minimal cussing…omg wow prolly harder than not drinking.  3) Getting in shape…you mean I must work out and eat like only 1200 calories a day?  4) Getting my finances under control and eeek following a budget….what I don’t get everything I want because I choose to be sober, like daily prizes and shit (oops I cussed)?  5) A clean, clutter free home that is organized….lololololol now that is just a sheer pipe dream.  

I know that this last week I tried something new and wholly heck, its freaking dang amazeballs (see I wanted to cuss a little there but I held back)!  My bff is a beach body coach and is always yelling at my head to quit being lazy and workout and eat right… blah blah blah.  Ok, so I ordered some Shakeology mix and some workout videos to shut her up.  I have been drinking these shakes for the last six days with a scoop of Green Vibrance (a separate super food mix), also hubs is drinking them too.  OMG my energy is up and I have been working out and cleaning and organizing like a mad woman.  I ordered a second bag of chocolate flavor for the little ones because to be honest they don’t eat their fruits and veggies.  I am floored by the difference I feel with these shakes, and they taste good.  But most of all my mood is like 100% better.  I expected when I stopped saucing it up so much I would just magically feel like a million buck, nope.  I tried to eat well but I know I fell well below the mark.  I realized my body was lacking in nutrition soooo much that it was affecting my mood so poorly and my motivation sucked.  A well nourished body feels so very different.  I get excited to make my shakes in the morning.  It is weird.  I used to make fruit and veg smoothies but I could nowhere come near the amount of super foods in my new shake blend.  I watched the commercials for this product before and I was like they are so full of malarkey.  But no way, a few of us at work are drinking these and I am not the only one who thinks they are like a healthy crack alternative.  I seriously must have these shakes everyday for the rest of my life.  In fact it’s five pm, I had my shake at 7 am and I am going to work out now.  I WOULD HAVE NEVER EVER SAID THAT TWO WEEKS AGO!  I would have laughed at your face and said what it’s not 5 o’clock, it’s Sit o’clock.


3 thoughts on “Things I Know….

  1. Great! I did a couple beach body fitness programs last winter, and truly this was the beginning of me drinking a little less – bc I had to do my T25 everyday and that shit took some energy! I also loved the shakes, but I got out of the habit. You just talked me into making it a habit again- and right on time for sober living and very busy living as the kids go back to school tomorrow! Thanks!

    • MALL….and the difference you feel not drinking with it at all will be amazing. I’m doing the 21 day fix and I am sooooooo sore. I can barely stand up, lol. Your welcome! Are you part of the six year hangovers gratitude group? You should be most people use their first names so I cant tell who’s who.

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