Happy Tuesday!

Hey all!!  I just sitting at work thinking I need to shout out to my blogging family.  I have been swooped into a fitness challenge by my bff.  So I have videos coming and shakes, all this stuff I probably didn’t need.  I know it is actually simple to get fit, eat less than you burn a day and poof you loose weight.  But it is more fun with friends, just like it is easier to quit drinking with support, so here I am.  I also found these crazy Kangoo Jumps and am super excited to try them.  They are actually a super efficient way to exercise, and reduce stress and injury to the body by 80%.  So instead of spending money on booze I am spending it on health related stuff.  Not to shabby of a trade right? So wish me luck and not to break a leg lol!!!  Check this out looks sooooooooo fun!


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