Well oh boy!

Ok awhile back I posted a couple picks of some swimsuits I ordered.  They were chinese sizing, lol, so I had to get an XL.  Jeez…anyhow I got them.  Mind you I have only exercised once, eeeeeek.  I wondered if I was going to have to grease myself up to fit into them.  I jumped around, yanked, pulled and got those bitches on, they are like an american medium.  Now I still have a ways to go in the being fit department, in fact after I post I am going to workout.  I am only posting the pics because a… it’s anonymous and b…I cropped out my head…heeehee.



Now I need a tan baaaaaaad….and could lose some pounds.  But I am freaking thrilled, working with what I got. Day 7…again….is a good day.  Gotta go….gotta get to sweating!


13 thoughts on “Well oh boy!

    • Haha thanks no more..I don’t wear a bikini anywhere but my backyard…but I just can’t weat a traditional one piece…I hate them on me…I love swimdress however..they make me feel fancy…that’s hard to feel in swimwear!

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