Day 2….100 day challenge….

Ok, so I’m going to officially reset my counter since I tried dabbling a bit with alcohol.  I’m doing Belle’s 100 day challenge.  Not a drop…I can do this!  I want to do this! 


10 thoughts on “Day 2….100 day challenge….

  1. Inspired! I’ve signed up! Also there is an online community called Hello Sunday Morning, which is kinda like Facebook for people who want to change their relationship with alcohol – if you’re interested šŸ™‚ thanks for this post

  2. I’m also doing the 100 day challenge, started it June 9, so I’m on day 29….but, lots of challenging thoughts…so lonely when my kids go to their dads. It’s all about learning to love ourselves, and learning to move through these difficult emotions without trying to numb up. Let’s keep going, we can do this! Thanks for sharing!

    • Mallards…yes we can do this…you do have to be happy with your own company! Do you have a pet? Maybe to help with the loneliness. My problem is I am never alone….I crave quiet but never get it lol!

  3. You can do this… but not alone. Really, I’ve tried that before and it just doesn’t work. Left to my own devices, I will drink. Have you attended meetings? The “live” support is a great addition to the support you can get here šŸ™‚

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