I’ve got it thru my thick skull….

Alcohol sucks ass.  I hate it and it hates me.  I had some beers (stupid unfiltered micro brews) last night while lighting fireworks.  I didn’t eat dinner.  Woke up feeling like a nasty bum.  I absolutely abhor hangovers.  I know God was like “See my dear, now was that worth it?  Haven’t you been loving how you feel since you stopped?”  No God it wasn’t worth it.  I was tired all day at work. I ate bad today.  Ugh!!!!!  I have no tolerance anymore for it.  I didn’t get mean or nasty.  I just went to sleep.  But when I woke up I was not happy at all.  I couldn’t fathom how I was ever able to function hungover like I used to.  Big slap in the face….Whaaaaaaap….you dumb girl….you love being sober!  Duh….done done done.  I don’t even want to moderate it, I don’t want to give it one second of my energy.  I love my sober blogging family, thank you for putting up with my blubbering ass!  I know a lot of us newbies have these blips and bumps, but it is all about learning the lessons if your heart is truely ready.  So yes God thank you for setting my ass straight again and not giving up on me.


6 thoughts on “I’ve got it thru my thick skull….

  1. Ugh I it up on the 5th, had too many te kill ya shots and beers.and a five hour panic attack.not worth it.I never want to experience my body like this.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up too hard. No one will be harder on you for this than you will be. Use it as a learning experience and remember every detail of how terrible you felt next time you consider having just one or two drinks. Sobriety is a journey and a big part of the journey is acceptance and forgiveness. Accept that you made that choice and you felt crappy as a result and forgive yourself for it and move right on forward… You’ll be fine x

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