Day 35…

Still hanging in there…plugging away.  Got a trip coming up soooooooo, now that I have the drinking thing handled I need to get the exercise started.  So this week no excuses I’m going to start working out.  Momma is going to have to wear a bathing suit, ugh, the arch nemesis of mothers everywhere!  I am going to have to pray for some motivation!  Yeah I ordered some cute non marmy swimdresses from amazon, they were asian sizing.  An extra large said it fit 130-140 lbs….omg lol..



Operation Non lumpy\bumpy mom-e in effect!


2 thoughts on “Day 35…

    • Yes…it truely goes hand in hand with this lifestyle….we need a physical outlet. I don’t eat more calories daily but I allow myself more treats calorically than I used to when drinking wine…so while the tummy is flatter the scale hasn’t gone down! So across the board my calorie consumption it the same. Boooooooo, I know I need to exercise if I want to see more change:-).

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