There is an open bottle of chardonnay in my house…

My hubby wanted to make braicole, and it calls for wine in the sauce.  He said we will just pour out the rest, and all the wine in the sauce cooks off.  I just bought a cheapy bottle, nothing I would feel remorseful over not being able to sip.   At the store, I stocked up on my fizzy berry water. I went down the chip and soda aisle and shouted ‘Jesus loves me!  Real Dr. Pepper in a bottle made with sugar!’  Hubby laughed at me. We went home, and made an amazing dinner.  No sadness over not being able to drink the rest of the wine while dinner was cooking.  I cracked my Dr. Pepper and relished every beautiful sip while watching my kiddies play in the pool.  I thought only one….too many empty calories.  I then laughed at myself because I didn’t think twice about killing a 600 calorie bottle of vino, heck two bottles if friends were over….1200 liquid empty calories.  Jeez, how booze brain will rationalize the useless consumption of wasted toxic calories.  Hey it’s cool, yeah don’t worry…I will just make you act like an ass, fat and wreck your liver.  I’m super glamorous and if you stick with me I will become a sucking blackout vortex that will steal your life……bwaaaaaahahaha!  

Ummmmm no thanks, bottle is in the fridge not waiting for me to drink it.  But waiting to tenderize a sweet cut of meat to make my MIL’S famous lasagna.  I still can’t waste good booze, lol…sorry old drinking joke.  I have no thoughts of sneaking a sip.  Now the Dr. Pepper on the other hand, that doesn’t stand a chance!  And I will cut a bitch if they think they are gonna drink one, I’m not sharing! 


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