Proud of my fellow bloggers . . .

I have been reading over the sober blogosphere today and I feel particularly proud of all of you out there. So many new bloggers today and new to sobriety bloggers these last few months. Along with our old faithfuls, who have been at it awhile, who are keeping on track and keeping it real. Showing us newbies that there is hope. It is such a hard thing to realize that you have a problem, and stop on your own, but then to open yourself up and blog about it…well that is monumental!! I feel pride as I read all of your journeys. I feel a sense of community… not isolation. We all know how, at our darkest moments, we all felt alone and isolated like no one else could possibly understand us. We felt like people looked down on us and our horrible drunken behavior. This blog community has been my outlet, my entertainment, and my sober buddy this last month. No judgement, just acceptance and support. I honestly think without it and all of you, I may have caved. So thank you dearly, ALL of you. You are being read, you are being heard…even if not everyone comments…we are reading!! Thank you everyone!! Please keep at it, keep sober, and keep doing what ever you need to do to stay sane without alcohol.


4 thoughts on “Proud of my fellow bloggers . . .

  1. Wicked post 🙂 I feel the same….all you lovely people from all over the world are like my sober best buddies helping me through one of the hardest things ever…..thats pretty cool! much love xxx

  2. Reading these blogs has been a great inspiration to not ready to take on the AA thing so getting support from my own little kindle is pretty miraculous .

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