Yesterday was hard….

I wanted a glass of wine sooooooooo bad.   I was so irritated with my hubby.  I mean like I could have socked him.  I was tired, grumpy, overwhelmed.  I thought about it for two hours.  So I picked my dog up from the vet, after a $518 dollar bill I couldn’t afford, and called my bff on the way home.  She told me I would not throw away my sobriety for one day of irritation and stress.  I got home poured myself some sparkling mineral water in my wine glass, sat by my pond as my kids swam.  I ate like four chocolates and four pieces of taffy, along with my dinner and the rest of my son’s peanut butter and jelly.   Omg I’m going to be a whale if I can’t manage days like these without food.  I could lose about 15 lbs and be perfect.  I’m skinny fat I guess you could say.  When I drank I would never allow candy or other caloric beverages because the wine was the trade off.   I need to exercise….just one more thing I have to do on the list.  

Ok done whining.  I have a day to accomplish….please lord let today be better, help me to be calm and centered on my tasks…and help me to not be angered or irritated easily.  One day at a time….deep breath……ahhhhhhhhhh!

This woman, Joyce Meyer, is amazing. She is the only person I can relate to….love love love her!


2 thoughts on “Yesterday was hard….

  1. Some days I think I get entitled. Like dang look how hard this is, I deserve this that or the other thing.
    Not drinking one day at a time is some days the hardest thing I ever had to do but the idea was told to me to make more right choices then wrong ones and I got a pretty good shot at going to bed sober. So far today I’ve done that very thing.
    Way to go for doing something for your sobriety.

  2. Thank you! I know that entitlement feeling all too well:-)! I had dessert at dinner tonight….omg i’m not even a sweets person…wait maybe I am….I just never knew it…lol!

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