Day 16…..Booooooom Baaaaaaaaby!

So I had some crazy anxiety on Saturday,  but instead of grabbing a bottle of wine I grabbed me a Dr. Pepper.  Then I watched the first three episodes of Game of Thrones….and I was like hey woman you could have been born in the dark ages that would really suck!  So I calmed myself down, and enjoyed the rest of my weekend.  We have done so much these last two weeks I haven’t had a minute to be bored.  I am exhausted though.  I have lots to write but I’m so tired right now.  I wanted to check in and toot the two week horn….so…….TOOOOOOOOOOOT TOOOOOOOOOOT!

I have to say it has been a nice two weeks with my family…..hummmmmmm……does it mean not drinking opens you up to more and better fun.  Yes, I think it does :-).


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