ten days

Wow second night in a row I write for an hour and my blog fails to post and is lost.  I really want to be mad right now, the devil must just hate it that my words have power.  Like good ole Joyce Meyers says “don’t let the devil steal your joy!”…..so F you devil I’m gonna keep at it.

Good and evil are in the power of the tounge.  I wholeheartedly believe that.  Well back to my ten days…I haven’t even been the least bit tempted to have a drink.

I prayed the day I quit for God to help me, to just completely take away the desire.  I believe he has.  I’m not a churchy person although I was raised in the church.  I believe god meets us where we are.  He is everywhere.  I truely opened my heart and asked for help to overcome my desire to drink.  I would pray before for help but I never truly meant it…this time I did mean it. I knew if I did not stop now my children would grow up thinking it was acceptable to behave this way…mom does it, so it can’t be bad.  Heck no!  My kids are a gift and I refuse to screw them up.  Life is hard enough.  I still curse a blue streak, that’s next on my quit list.  Now that may be a real challenge…lol!

Once again, another day I will try again to tell you about the last day I drank and how I came to realize I was a big bag of crap if I didn’t slap out of it.  So stay tuned…and don’t let the devil steal your joy!









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