Who knew I could do that?!

     Well I surprised myself today!  Something that at my ripe age of 36, had no clue I could do.  I went to a bbq/pool party with people I had know for 20 years, alcohol all around me, and I didn’t drink!  Not a sip.  I was girded with my double walled insulated drink cup filled with pelligrino and frozen berries.   Did I miss my usual chilled chardonnay with frozen berries….nope.   Did I have great coversations and fun without it….yep.  Well I will be darned.  My friends did take notice, with mild suprise, of my abstinence.  I was truthful and told them I was just over drinking and it’s crappy effects on me.   Being long time companions of mine, and having witnessed said choice crappy effects first hand, they kindly nodded and said they were cutting back in their own lives.  This spurred some enlightened conversations of the negative effects alcohol has had in all our lives and how we are just all over it!

     My favorite part was when it was time to go there was no waiting period or who drank less should drive…I just grabbed my keys and was on my merry way.  Will it always feel this easy to abstain….I sure hope.  Do I pray for god to help with the desire to drink….I sure do.  Some good advice I took to heart from other sober blogs was don’t worry about the past or future, just focus on today.  Today you will not drink….one day at a time.  I cannot remember one get together that I have not drank at….other than my baby showers.  I am proud of me!


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