My first ever post…

It is Sunday…I worked two 12 hour shifts in a row…and I’m beat.   I am currently enjoying snuggle time with my dd (dear daughter).   It has been one week since my last drink.   I had a straw that broke the camel’s back moment last Saturday night/Sunday morning.  I’m to tired right now to run thru the details, but rest assured I will share in the future.

I had my first drink (drunk fest) at 14, my girlfriends and I snuck into their parents liquor cabinet.  BOY WAS IT FUN!  I thought it was a good idea to try on bikinis…one over the other…I had like seven on.  We laughed ourselves silly.  I drank again when it was available like any teenager does. I started partying more around 18. I had a roaring 20’s, lots of parties and fun. I bought a house at 22, graduated college for my career at 24. Got a fabulous job, which I still have and love. I had kids in my early 30’s. Still had loads of fun thru my mid 30’s. Then I got really depressed around six months ago, and started drinking a lot. Bills, fighting with hubs, stress, deaths… all just took their toll.

To be continued…I wanted to get something out before I chickened out…night all!


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